University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI

  MS, PhD Mathematics, Aug 2023-

University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI

  BS, Mathematics, Sept 2018-May 2022. GPA (unweighted): 3.672

  BS, Computer Science, Sept 2018-May 2022. GPA (unweighted): 3.672


Defective Parking Functions and Young Tableaux. Rebecca E. Garcia, Pamela E. Harris, Alex Moon, Aaron Ortiz, Lauren J. Quesada, Cynthia Marie Rivera Sánchez, Dwight Anderson Williams II. 2024. Pre-print.

What shapes can appear in a curve shortening flow singularity? Sigurd Angenent, Evan Patrick Davis, Ellie DeCleene, Paige Ellingson, Ziheng Feng, Edgar Gevorgyan, Aris Lemmenes, Alex Moon, Tyler Joseph Tommasi, Yamin Zhou. 2024. Pre-print.

On some discrete statistics of parking functions. Ari Cruz, Kimberly J. Harry, Pamela E. Harris, Jan Kretschmann, Matt McClinton, Alex Moon, John O. Museus, Eric Redmon. 2024. Pre-print.


Orbits of Defective Parking Functions. 

MAA Wisconsin Section Spring 2024 Meeting. April 2024. Whitewater, Wisconsin.

UWM Algebra Seminar. April 2024. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Linear Algebraic Techniques in Combinatorics. UW - Milwaukee Graduate Student Colloquium. Sept 2023. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Orbits of Defective Parking Functions. VII Encuentro Colombiano de Combinatoria (ECCO). June 2024. Popayán, Colombia.

Peakless Tieless Parking Functions. Mid-Atlantic Algebra, Geometry, and Combinatorics Workshop (MAAGC). Dec 2023. Richmond, Virginia. 

A Parallel Implementation of a Nonlinear Diffusion Filter. LANL Student Symposium. Aug 2023. Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Topology in Curve Shortening Flow. MxM End of Semester Symposium. May 2022. Madison, Wisconsin.


Presentation Judge. UWM SURF Symposium. April 2024. Milwaukee, WI.

Research Experience

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM) Research Seminar Oct 2023-


  Milwaukee, WI

  PI: Dr. Pamela E. Harris

  Topic: Parking Functions

  Have successfully defined and counted a novel class of parking functions (peakless tieless parking functions). Also have counted orbits of defective parking functions under the action of the symmetric group. Long term goal of fully understanding the nature of peaks, ties, valley, ascents, and descents in parking functions. Future work includes investigation of a combinatorial interpretation for the normalized volume of the CRY polytope.

Los Alamos National Lab Parallel Computing Summer Research Internship (LANL PCSRI) June-Aug 2023


  Los Alamos, NM

  PI: Dr. Nik Cordes, Dr. Shane Fogerty

  Topic: Fast Parallelized Image Filters

  Studied and implemented a fast, fully GPU parallelized nonlinear diffusion filter that reduces noise in a black and white image while maintaining edges. Primary use case is enhancing CT scans of dense, small objects. Implementation will be published in an open-source journal.

Madison Experimental Math Lab (MxM) Jan-May 2022

  UW Madison Math Department

  Madison, WI

  PI: Dr. Sigurd Angenent

  Topic: Topology of Curve Shortening Singularities

  Studied and constructed initial conditions for the curve shortening flow PDE that gave interesting (generally unstable) terminal conditions. Presented the group’s findings at a poster presentation at the end of the semester.

Wisconsin Science and Computer Emerging Research Stars (WISCERS) Jan-Aug 2022

  UW Madison Computer Science Department

  Madison, WI

  PI: Dr. Ilias Diakonikolas

  Topic: Sample Complexity Bounds of Randomized Distribution Testing Algorithms

  Found more exact bounds than were previously known for the number of samples required to determine properties of unknown probability distributions with high confidence. An application would be repeatedly rolling a die to determine whether it’s fair.


Graduate Teaching Assistant Aug 2023-Present

  UW Milwaukee Math Department

  Milwaukee, WI

  Working as the primary instructor for two sections of college algebra. Responsible for lesson plans, grading, lecturing, and ensuring student success.

Math Tutor Sept 2022-May 2023


  Edina, MN

  Worked as a one-on-one tutor with high school students who need help with math.

Drop-in Tutor Sept 2021-May 2022

  UW Madison Math Department

  Madison, WI

  Provided a free service as a tutor in the math lab. Calculus and discrete math students could drop in to the lab at any time during our working hours for help with their classes.

WISCERS Researcher Jan-Aug 2021

  UW Madison Computer Science Department

  Madison, WI

  Worked part time (~20 hours/week) on research questions in randomized distribution testing algorithms. Improved known sample bounds for multiple algorithms from a big-O estimation to a tight asymptotic value.

Software Engineer Intern Jan-Aug 2020

  Thomson Reuters

  Eagan, MN

  Worked full time as a software engineering intern, solidifying my coding skills and learning more about collaborative problem solving.

Volunteer Drop-in Tutor Jan-Dec 2019

  UW Madison Greater University Tutoring Service

  Madison, WI

  Volunteered as a drop-in math and computer science tutor in Steenbock library on campus. Provided help to anyone who needed it for their math or computer science courses.

Lab Systems Intern June-Aug 2019


  Minneapolis, MN

  Worked as an intern on implementing improved search functions for the internal Bio-Techne gene database.

Other Learning

UW - Milwaukee Algebraic Geometry Reading Group Jan 2024 - 

  UW - Milwaukee

  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  Organizing a group of interested graduate students who meet weekly to discuss and work on exercises from Gathmann's algebraic geometry class notes.

Connecticut Summer School in Number Theory June 2022

  University of Connecticut

  Storrs, Connecticut

  Attended a week-long number theory summer school at the University of Connecticut. Topics covered include general algebraic number theory, the Chebotarev density theorem, local fields, and Galois representations. Also attended the attached conference.

New Horizons in Theoretical Computer Science Summer School June 2021


  Attended a week-long online computer science summer school. Topics covered include randomized algorithms, theoretical machine learning, algorithm analysis, zero knowledge proofs, and game theory.